Thursday, March 31, 2011

Outdoor Fireplace is a Great Idea

The lucky owners of an outdoor fireplace can please their loved ones by offering them a great number of outdoor activities, such as barbecue parties or just sitting in front of a fireplace enjoying that magnificent glowing.

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Best Unique Design Bathroom by Delpha

This idea of the eclectic design bathroom Delpha has a special feature abstract designs on the bathroom wall. Bathroom walls are made like colored mosaics that create the look of the bathroom wall to be vague but with a blend of colors makes the style of furniture into a modern bathroom.

Interior Design Room

Bathroom design A vase of fresh flowers here, there a few candles, soft towels and pile in the corner to make the pictures bathroom Delpha neatly by type of place where we want to picture ourselves. a mirror and the selection of bathroom furniture room design greatly affect the design style.

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Chair Martela Koop with Egg-Shaped

This Chair Martela Koop with Egg-Shaped By Karim Rashid The cool chair will be a part of collection for the Finnish furniture brand called Martela, Forms and colors of the fireworks – that’s how the world famous designer Karim Rashid defines his new chair called Martela Koop. Soft lines, bright colors make together an attractive combination.

 seatingtrends chair

This chair reminds me of a womb. It will give your peace and calm after a hard working day. It’s a wonderful seating solution for a funny living room or even a children’s room. via

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Fusion Pool Table with Dining In One

This dining table that turns into a pool table. First you can dine and then have fun playing pool on it. You will find evetything you need for the game underneath the top of the table Fusion Table by Aramith will be a nice variant for a big family, especially if you don’t have much space. Modern furniture is functional furniture.

Design Furniture Table

You will find evetything you need for the game underneath the top of the table. Then if you need to have a meal, just put the top back on the table. The table is made of veneer and looks very traditional in its dining look. via

Dining Room Table

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15 Modern Minimalist Living Room Design Ideas

Today, We have going to post Modern Minimalist Living Room.the living room design by mobilfresno Company. Here you can see the company excellent furniture se for a modern black and white living room and stylish coffe table which are perfectly matched with lacqured wall units and minimalist sideboards.


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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Interior Medieval Apartment Design Modern

This apartment includes a large bathroom, two double bedrooms and spacious living areas. It also includes a secluded garden with a swimming pool and solarium. Overlooking the Plaça de Sant Domènec lies the recently renovated property Alemanys 5 in Girona, Spain, by architect Anna Noguera.

New Interior

The ‘El Badiu’ apartment, or ‘the Veranda’ duplex, on the top two levels can accommodate up to 6 people with the stunning exclusive views of the area. This apartment also features generous living areas and fireplace and is a total of 180m2.

Loft Designs

The property was renovated uniting its 16th century roots with the more practical and streamlined requirements of the modern lifestyle. It has sensitively integrated the modern and the medieval to create a unique living experience The rich history of the 16th century is characterised by its heavy ornamentation which is pleasantly synthesised with the clean modern simplicity, providing the visitor with a thoroughly elegant experience. via

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Modern Interior Design House by Marc Canut

The Modern Interior Design House by Marc Canut Very were impressed by the work came across of designer Marc Canut who specializes in 3D architectural renders. Marc’s rendition of home interiors using computer graphics is impressive and the command he has over light and form is very much on display in these images.

Hanging Bubble Chair

Marc’s rendition of home interiors using computer graphics is impressive and the command he has over light and form is very much on display in these images. With open architecture, designer chairs and tasteful minimalism, the images below capture the essence of a typical modern classic home. via

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Interior Classy Living Rooms Design

The feature classy living room concepts from two designers. One is from Polish based design group Meedo and the other from Russian based designer Andrey Zyomko. Though they seem to utilize two completely different form of visualizations you will notice that they have a few things in common. Both of them lay generous emphasis on pictures, wall art and fancy lighting. Also some good ideas for short space living rooms ar thrown in between. via

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