Thursday, July 28, 2011

Contermporary Living Room Sofa Seat Furniture

If you who love the sofa seat classic design, this sofa seat design is very convenient, because the design of seat sofa is not very classical but still there are modern impression, contemporary and unique.One living room furniture to attention is sofa seat to be place in the living room. Many design choices seat sofa which we can use to put in the living room. But you need to attention your living room interior design that has been planned.

Living Room sofa

interior design

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Interior Design Collection Unique Coffee Table 2011

This unique table is made of hand-selected solid maple, custom stained and varnished with a slightly tinted finish to resemble the tone and color of a vintage guitar.

Coffee Table

The three legs are originally designed and chromed plated. Each retro look table is a identified with a metal tag with a stamped serial number. Dimensions: 48″ long x 15″ high x 20″ wide, 25 lbs.

Unique Coffe Table

This table is designed with a unique base table distincively (and also to learn how to use a wood lathe). The top is made of round glass table, while the bottom of the table was inspired by floting water bubbles to the surface.

interior design

This glass coffee table was designed by Danish designer Peter Boy. The table design is simple and unique with polygon glass table top. The table leg is from steel in artistic web. This table will be exhibiting his F1 Coffee Table at the upcoming 2010 Stockholm Furniture Fair in Sweden.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Decoration Contemporary Furniture Outdoor Sofa

This sofa also has a year warranty if you have them The Balouday bed, sofa and lounge chair collection is made of polyethylene on a steel frame. An indoor versionis also available made of woven natural or dyed rattan vines wovenwith cotton twine and abaca rope.

 Outdoor Furniture

Tosh Palani Gray Sofa Set Furniture is furniture that is also very high quality durable material for example, given a cover layer fabric is environmentally friendly. Every seat was given for the seat cushion is comfortable and soft.

  Modern Furniture

Outdoor Sofa

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Room Gallery Summer Exhibition Architect in London

This Room Gallery Summer Exhibition Architect is completed with artistic interiors. The spaces are ordered by four segments of oval plinths for models allowing generous circulation through and around them and for viewing wall works. The space of this room is very wide and it is suitable for any size of furniture. the doors of this room are designed with the concept of cultural. Other works in the exhibition are also arranged to emphasize these sort resonances as well as typologies. The floor of this room is very natural and it has natural color.

circulation design

It is made of wood that has been changed into soft and clean wood. two axes divide the space into four quadrants, which separate the works into various themes represented in the works sent in. to make the room artistic, all the wall is put some pictures and drawings. The lamps of this room are very bright and colorful so that the displays can be seen clearly.

summer exhibition

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Modern Bathtub Extreme Bathing

The design comes from Bathroom Tomorrow, a company from Bangkok, Thailand. “Nirvana” Bathtub manages to combine a delightful design with last minute technology in order to create an unforgettable bathroom experience. Because of its shape, the bathtub uses with 60% less water than similar bathroom items, Which also makes it sustainable.

lighting Bathtub

The lights are controlled by an ingenious i-Touch system that the company promotes. What the manufacturers aren’t telling us though is what happens when you would like to take a bubble bath. via Ladies Gadgets

Bathtub Extreme


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bathroom Innovative Design Bathtub With Drawers

The bathtub finishes are available in white acrylic and walnut and the furniture Design part can be chosen to be white or black. Incorporating drawers into the overall design of a bathtub was an interesting idea of the Royo Group . You can choose from four different sets: Essential, Serenity, Energy and Dynamic.

furniture High quality

The bathtubs with drawers have a clear advantage in tight spaces. Even when the bathroom is big, the drawers come in handy for bath-related products that you need to keep close while taking a hot, bubbly bath.

Bathroom Innovative

Design Bathtub

Innovative Design

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Unique Interior Design With Full Color Material

The design is embodiment of art in making the work of a building architectural style that promotes the beauty, comfort and allow guests to enter another world during their stay.
home design gives priority to the idea of building a full-color interior that does not seem stiff and monotonous.

interior design

Full Color design

 Unique design

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Disc-Shaped Lamp Design

The string is beautifully wrapped around both discs, giving the Disque its modest look. This lamp has high tech system that make it be able to save the electricity energy and can minimize the electricity consumption. The big size of this lamp does not indicate this lamp is lavish, it is just to make the appearance more beautiful and wonderful. With having this lamp in the house, it will give many advantages and make you proud.

electricity energy

This lamp can be used in the living room and it will light so bright but does not disturb the eyes.

Modern Light

 Hinkley Lamp

 Modern Lamp


Children Learn Design Tables

The desktop itself is adjustable, taking the kids from toddler to teen, A to Z, in one ultra-functional design. Check it out by visiting Guillaume Bouvet.The AZ adjustable childrens desk by French designer Guillaume Bouvet is gonna school you on style.

function design

This "evolutionary expression" as described by his company, "follows children in their growth." As their needs change so does the form and function of the desk. In one position, a magnetic blackboard becomes the canvas for creativity, or flip the blackboard down and it becomes a desktop, perfect for reading, writing, drawing, crafts and puzzles.

 Modern Furniture

 Children Tables

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cool Design Bedrooms Pink Girls

This color is associated with fairy-tale princess or Barbie and almost every girl dreams about a charming pink bedroom. Pink color could perfectly fit as traditional bedrooms with classical furniture and amazing curves as contemporary, more severe ones. Combining this color with others you could get a various awesome designs.

Girls Bed Room

There are different examples of girls rooms which would be liked by as young as adult girls among them.

Teen Bedrooms

Kids Bedroom

Decorating Bedroom

Pink Girls Bedrooms


Design Stainless Steel Ofuro

Three non-slip steps with a handrail provide access to the tub and the rail extends around the rim of the tub. The seat sits 15″ from the bottom of the hand-buffed 3″ thick, double-walled metal tub, which warms quickly to a soothing temperature when filled with hot water. Eighteen air jets built into the seat and sides of the tub provide streams of water that massage and soothe muscles; the jet system has three settings, controlled with the touch of a button. Insulation within the walls retain heat, ensuring a comfortable soak.

Stainless Steel


Collection Modern Pod Seating Lounge

interior designers in Bangalore as of natural materials interior designers in Bangalore with almost modern concepts architects in bangalore eco friendly architectural solutions for architects in bangalore.

Placentero modern pod lounge chair

mod pod fiberglass lounger

Style and comfort come together in this modern lounge chair from Mod Pod. With a bright green fiberglass frame and cool crescent shape, it’s like sitting in a giant jelly bean!

modern pod lounge chair

Pod lounge chair gives you the secluded feeling of being included in a protective circular shell. It is made up of lightweight, structural foam with a marine grade vinyl exterior from WeatherTex.


Modern Interior Bedroom Design Eclectic Approach

Eclecticism refers to a mixture of a number of variables, and in your decorating projecting this simply entails the blend of a number of your master bedroom interior design. Small master bedroom decorating ideas can definitely be a hard task if you find yourself liking more than one or two design concepts. If this is the case, a good thing to consider is an eclectic design approach.

Cozy Bedroom Decorating Design Ideas
Interior Decorating

This can be quite hard if this is your first design project but if you are happy with what you’ve done then that is all that matters. Remember that all the Master bedroom interior decorating design. Small master bedroom decorating ideas cannot be considered the right design style for you if it doesn’t make you comfortable and happy.

Master Bedroom Decorating
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Contemporary Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas
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