Thursday, December 6, 2012

Style Dining Room Set Brilliant and Glamorous

This is an interesting example of Art Deco style that surprised with the luxury. It consists of a round table with carved legs, high chairs and elegant wardrobe. Each element of the dining room set made from solid wood and has a gold or silver finish perfectly combines crystal.

Luxury dining room collection by AltaModa met Tiffany. brilliant and glamorous Furniture This is indicated by a rounded, upholsteries soft fur and a large number of crystals.

However, with a round glass facade is the most unique and wonderful pieces of furniture for the dining room. He added to set specific improvement and could be a very good decoration of any interior is designed with luxury in mind. You can find more information about dining room sets at Tiffany AltaModa site.


Top Office Table Modern Original Glass

This table has two layers of glass. Upper glass has a diameter of 1600 mm and the thickness of the two glasses is 12 mm. People who like style and at the same things that the original will definitely appreciate the roundtable office – Saturno by Staino&Staino. You can find more information about this original glass top round table on Staino&Staino site.

which expresses the personality of its owner. Because of this unusual form the basis of this table is reminiscent of Saturn with rings. Its central structure of the wood balls are available in different color versions. The coolest of them are black and white models, which can become a very trendy addition to any modern interior with glossy lacquered furniture.


Modern Hydromassage Bathtubs Sensitive Touch Screen

One such product is a new model of whirlpool baths – L’Alizee. You really can massage their own programs and get a moment of great fun in the hydromassage tub. However, as functional and high-tech vessel, L’Alizee is very expensive and you must have a large bathroom to find because of its size is 2.24 m XW l xh 1.05 m 0.84 m and a capacity of 280 liters. If you would like more information about both this whirlpool tub then you can find it on the Stas Doyer site.

This vessel is equipped with a good automated touch-sensitive screen, which allows to set all the settings and also display a variety of useful information. Hydromassage nozzles 180 provides perfect relaxation and thanks to their proper position to make a healthy massage from the six zones designed by Stas Doyer anatomi.yang major producers of different bathroom equipment, which can help you to also maintain the beauty and health.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Design Island Kitchen by Daniel Heckscher

This Contemporary My Kitchen Furniture Island designed by Daniel Heckscher,  is a complete food preparation center,  contains a sink,   work surface, cooktop and storage space,  and can be extended by adding more modules


A Wall Sofa Modern Build

This is a Modern Build A Wall Sofa Designed by Christian Lessing.  may be can inspire your living room.  you can always change with the Build A Wall Sofa Landscape.  Seating consists of nine modular foam stone that the user can configure to any desired pattern seat: nine stools, a stronghold of the chair, recliner, etc.


Elegant Lamp Cinderella’s Inspiration

A cascade of tubular, metallic chain glass, Swarovski crystal, and a miniature magnifying glass is one piece of magnificent details. A luxury train from the path to cover the heel on the floor, with the light fading from the edges of the glass tube.

The effect is very theatrical. How could it not, with 8-ft drop?. De Havilland restore this praise worship by designing a pair of shoes to be included in the Revenge of Cinderella, with a closed heel gold and silver iguana skin, forming the top of the lamp.


Top Modern Bedroom Design and Decoration

the bedroom. Among the examples of the new IKEA bedroom designs are as light as light and dark and moody. new beds, new clothing system, new Chest chest and night stand just is a great Addition to on their large collection of bedroom furniture. Again by IKEA’s big prize is That Some pieces of old furniture to be Cheaper than a year ago. Maybe inspiration drawings Can be personalized your bedroom. For more ideas and product prices you’ll have to check on their  catalogue online.


Decorating Fireplaces Modern and Traditional

fireplace can create incredible atmosphere and fill the space with warmth and comfort while allowing you to enjoy the beauty and sound of a real wood fire. For people who prefer a more stylish design and there are plenty of stylish gas fireplace, finished differentiating with more modern and easier to use. Warmington Fires can help you to choose a fireplace that is very good for your home. It offers many cool models with different fuels and complete. Check the product and maybe you’ll find something interesting for yourself.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Design Unique Indoor Light

Not only the position of the lamp changes when the cable is pulled, but the cable itself ultimately create a different pattern. ordinary functional lighting became a installation. Satellight can be placed at various points of the universe itself by a rope system rigged by the Cong-Yi Lu to change the scope. Rather than settle for lamps that hang from a central position, choose lighting that is not static.


Living Room Furniture Design

The Switzerland-based furniture manufacturer Vitra, who exhibited at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. May be this could be your living room inspiration.A contemporary space traditional benefits of interior design architecture is discussed thoroughly, from floor to ceiling, and highlights and lightened by natural lighting. In Gasperi using natural materials and lighting to soften the effect. Here is a collection of some photos

If you like The Switzerland-based furniture manufacturer Vitra, you can find more information about it on the Vitra site.


Design Light Unique Red and White

A lamp consisting of bead-shaped polypropylene using a unique technique of external heating. Heating different regions to create unique shapes that describe the consolidation process and reflect the real biological processes. Manufactuing process produces a series of lights that are closely related appearances, but never be the same, then emphasizes the difference between the artistic outdoor lighting product to the industry.

There Salone del Mobile 2010,  d-VISION exhibit a variety of lighting from a variety of young designers.  All parts are made of plastic,   because the work was sponsored by Keter Group, the Israeli manufacturer of plastic products. Poly Organic light,  and light.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

best Design Modern Bathroom,2013

The Bathroom Design features the new Simas Bohemien tub – a bold oval tub with a contrasting rectangular block behind it to home the faucet and handles.

The black design idea is so unusual in that all items in the bathroom are black: the furniture is black, the rug is black, the chunky accessories are black, and even the frame of the mirror is black. Talk about a high impact idea – use the classic color combination of red, white and black in a new way to create this look from Simas.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Furniture Colorful Design

Artists  Diego SilvĂ©rio and Helder Filipov have created a beautiful furniture design that uses the Tetris bricks we have all known to both love and hate. This cool concept is actually pretty practical if you take a minute; it utilizes the different shapes in order to provide great storage space in an efficient and colorful way.

The different bricks combined show many different options and ways for gamers to also have a great looking room and profess their utmost love for the original Tetris game. Even though you are a gaming geek, it doesn’t mean you have to leave in a complete mess and not have some modern design furniture.


10 Cool Bedroom Design Ideas

There are some collection of a bunch of hotel-stylish bedrooms to provide you with interesting ideas. Of course most of them are designed by professional interior designers but we hope that these photos will help you to make your bedroom is great without one. In addition to that some things in the room is quite expensive but we try to find the bedroom with as few items as possible.

If you want to enjoy the comfort of the bedroom like a 5 star hotel. You don’t need to travel far. You can create your own bedroom getaway with true inspiration.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Interior Design Office of Youth In Istanbul

The colorful libraries with dynamically formed shelves scattered all around the office provide for continuous thinking and creativity. The canteen is the point of discharge for the employees during a busy day of brainstorming. Fun images on the walls and colorful flourescent lights on the ceiling maintain the young energy of the office.

decorating room

 Design Office

The entire space is designed as an open office. It makes you feel the spirit of a university campus with its colorful lockers. Here, employees will be able to store their goods. Furthermore there are urgent meeting points where the team will be able to jot down their ideas on blackboards.

 Furniture Design

Contemporary room

Interior Design


Modern Compact Kitchen Design

The kitchen sits along one wall, with only one module that holds prominence, working for stovetop and sink. The rest of the kitchen is neatly tucked behind the exterior is smooth, uniform, which does not interfere with the eyes, but it makes everything that can be easily accessed. This really is a wonderful solution for space-efficient loft-like living.

Kitchen Design

decorating Kitchen

The design is as simple as it may appear, it takes some real effort to realize creative-they end up with a neat, simple solution to the problem of potentially complex.

best Kitchen


Kitchen Super Stylish by Snaidero

This kitchen is designed to make life easier-which is what good design is all about. Born from ergonomic viewpoints, Skyline Lab offers a solution for those who need to use the kitchen in a different way. Basically, the kitchen around users so that everything within reach in height and depth to accommodate wheelchair access.

Luxury Kitchen

kitchen design

Modern kitchen

Home Design

ergonomic kitchen

beautiful Kitchen

Stylish Kitchen

interior design