Thursday, December 6, 2012

Style Dining Room Set Brilliant and Glamorous

This is an interesting example of Art Deco style that surprised with the luxury. It consists of a round table with carved legs, high chairs and elegant wardrobe. Each element of the dining room set made from solid wood and has a gold or silver finish perfectly combines crystal.

Luxury dining room collection by AltaModa met Tiffany. brilliant and glamorous Furniture This is indicated by a rounded, upholsteries soft fur and a large number of crystals.

However, with a round glass facade is the most unique and wonderful pieces of furniture for the dining room. He added to set specific improvement and could be a very good decoration of any interior is designed with luxury in mind. You can find more information about dining room sets at Tiffany AltaModa site.


Top Office Table Modern Original Glass

This table has two layers of glass. Upper glass has a diameter of 1600 mm and the thickness of the two glasses is 12 mm. People who like style and at the same things that the original will definitely appreciate the roundtable office – Saturno by Staino&Staino. You can find more information about this original glass top round table on Staino&Staino site.

which expresses the personality of its owner. Because of this unusual form the basis of this table is reminiscent of Saturn with rings. Its central structure of the wood balls are available in different color versions. The coolest of them are black and white models, which can become a very trendy addition to any modern interior with glossy lacquered furniture.


Modern Hydromassage Bathtubs Sensitive Touch Screen

One such product is a new model of whirlpool baths – L’Alizee. You really can massage their own programs and get a moment of great fun in the hydromassage tub. However, as functional and high-tech vessel, L’Alizee is very expensive and you must have a large bathroom to find because of its size is 2.24 m XW l xh 1.05 m 0.84 m and a capacity of 280 liters. If you would like more information about both this whirlpool tub then you can find it on the Stas Doyer site.

This vessel is equipped with a good automated touch-sensitive screen, which allows to set all the settings and also display a variety of useful information. Hydromassage nozzles 180 provides perfect relaxation and thanks to their proper position to make a healthy massage from the six zones designed by Stas Doyer anatomi.yang major producers of different bathroom equipment, which can help you to also maintain the beauty and health.