Friday, April 27, 2012

Modern Lifestyles Bookcase Design

The bookworms, people will always come to a point where they need proper storage spaces for books, magazines and journals.Bookcase is a part of interior design and a part of modern lifestyles.

Bed With Bookcase
Bookcase Design
Point Architects from Tokyo have successfully managed to combine a bed with a bookcase.

Bookcase Sofa
Modern Bookcase
Here’s a great practical sofa for impratical people. Wow, take a look at this beautiful multi-functional Bookcase Sofa, Flexform Oltre sofa! If you are multi-tasking persons, watching TV, reading books, and using the laptop on the sofa, it’s the best choice for you.

Ron Arad Bookshelf
Bookcase Unique
The Trusted Design master Ron Arad is always come up with something unique. His new bookshelf has been inspired by the map of the United States and we must say, it looks absolutely gorgeous. You can catch it at the Timothy Taylor Gallery in London.


Design Sleek Toilet hi-tech by Roca

With over 90 years of experience ( including toilets ), Roca, the specialists in bathroom space is always looking ahead as a new toilet they clearly illustrate the slim. Avant Lumen Not only great for a modern look with a sleek design, but also a unique bathing experience where comfort, style and technology come together in full force. To learn more about how to improve aesthetic Lumen your bathroom experience at almost all levels, visit the Roca.

 Modern Toilets

They call it the toilet which is basically promoting the health of intimate hygiene because the toilet and bidet in one. It has many additional functions such as washing and drying, soft close lid and heated seat, self cleaning, energy saving automatic flushing and an LED screens and control panels to control all functions of the toilet as well as room temperature and ambient music. And that’s just naming a few.

 Bathroom Designs


Sleek Toilet


Interior Design for Great Sailing Experience

Designng a creative and dynamic interiors that are innovative yet practical and aesthetically appealing to achieving an excellence private satisfaction is a huge challenge.Imagine about sailing featuring a large yacht, wrap around window forward, and strong hull-side windows that offer stunning views of the surrounding waters create a nice sport-fishing experience.

Best Yacht Bedroom Interior Design
dynamic interiors

Yacht is the perfect oasis, a world unto passenger themselves, It’s a home away from home which is expressed in a unique fantasy in a private places. It seems that nothing is lacking in these glamorous water craft.

Best Yacht Interior Design by Karen Lynn Interiors
Modern Yacht interior

Modern Yacht interior for Best Sailing Experience
Classic Yacht Interior

Best Mega Yacht Interior Designs
Contemporary Yacht Interior

Contemporary Yacht Interior design of AMNESIA Motor Yacht
Yacht furniture


Pastels and white in Norway

Hej hej! And happy Friday! Today it's a very happy Friday for me simply because the sun is shining and spring is here. It's the simple things! And this home from the beautiful Norwegian blog Fryd og Design is the perfect home for a day like today. The pastels against the white backdrop are simply stunning.

Pictures Fryd og Design via 79 ideas
Jeanette of Fryd og Design is one of the key speakers at The Hive blog event in Berlin in a few weeks time. As is Nina of wonderful blog, 79 ideas. I'd sooooo love to go, I wonder if I can convince man that I need to do two trips in the month of May (I'm already heading to London!)?!

Have a lovely, inspiring weekend!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Children bedrooms, dutch style.

Sorry to do this to you folks, but I have just found the most incredible online shop! Now, I am not much of a linguist, trust me I tried 'google translate' but it didn't work....but I think this shop is based out of Amsterdam, Holland?! Any hooo if you have a child, neice, friend with a child, live down the road from a child, you'll love this shop Onszelf. Just in case you're not already sold, here are a few pics from the website...

FAAAB! The spotted duvet fabric from the Bambi collection is already on my little girls beds (in my mind) and I'm just planning where to add all the wallpaper and posters. Isn't this just really one of the coolest kids decor spots ever?!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Merry Mishap

Hej! I am very honoured to have written a guest post today for jewellery designer Jennifer, on her fantastic blog A Merry Mishap. I chose to write a post about the Swedish photographer Idha Lindhag (see my last post about Idha here!) and her images of Danish artist Tenka Gamelgaard's studio and home, You can check out my guest post here.

Jennifer's new jewellery collection on A Merry Mishap

I absolutely love the A Merry Mishap jewellery collection, and covet the coral pink and mint necklace, it would go great with my new mint skinny's from Zara! You must check out the shop here!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The home of a Norwegian ceramic designer

I am just a little lost for words (not like me!). But homes like this Norwegian one of ceramic designer Silje Aune Eriksen featured in the Norwegian Elle Decoration is the reason I love Scandinavian interior style so much. This home is simply FAB! I love the colour combination of greys, white, neon, black and light wood and of course the beautiful ceramics!  

To see more pictures of Silje's home, (yes there's more!) check out her blog. Some of the ceramics you see such as the milk jugs and cup cake holders are Silje's own design - you can buy the ceramics she has deisgned over at Hvit! Warning! Dangerous online shop alert!

Monday, April 23, 2012

A light and airy Australian beach house

Hej hoo! Here in Sweden it's only 8 weeks until midsummer (crazy, it's still only 10 degrees outside- BRR!). In the summer in Sweden many people head off to their summer cottages by the water to make the most of the near 24 hours daylight and warm(er) weather! So to hot things up a little and get in the mood I thought I would take some inspiration from a renovated fishermen's cottage in Australia which has become a fabulous beach home with a Scandinavian touch; clean lines, open spaces and lots of white and natural materials. Beautiful!

Pretty and simple idea alert; I love this white top against  a blackboard wall, here it's in a children's room, but I could also imagine doing this somewhere else in the home too.

Homelife via Planete Deco
If you feel like seeing a few more pics of this lovely home pop over to Plenete Deco. I love the garden too.  Dreeeeaming of the summer now what about you?! Happy Monday!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Art & Vintage finds in a Chicago loft

While searching for a great print for my kitchen this week I realised finding the right art is one of the hardest things for a home. Art is so personal, and it's often a big investment (unless you decide to produce your own, which I've done here and there in my own place with various results!!). But this wonderful home of Chad and Margot in Chicago, featured in Design Sponge, get's it just right. I love the vintage touch too.  

Pictures via Design Sponge

Do you have any great tips on online shops for wonderful wall art?

Have a fab weekend everyone!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Black and white in Stockholm

From one extreme to another. For the past couple of days I've been 'escaping' to a remote white washed beach home with views over vast expanses of sand dunes and open sea and then yesterday I slightly more 70's vibe with Svenskt Tenn. Today, a Stockholm apartment in monochrome with an industrial feel with lots of personality. This place is just a little more accessible than the home in Uruguay though as it's actually for sale and a mere 600 km away (from me at least!). 

With big thanks to a reader in the USA I can confirm that this is the apartment of multi-talented Jimmy Schönning who provides a step by step guide to the renovation of his home on his blog.

Via 20Kvadrat
I really like the eclectic lighting over the dining room table, especially the (DIY?) basket lamp. Open-plan is not always easy (I'm struggling with mine a little at the moment!) but this home-owner has created some great areas don't you think?

I am off today with my 1 and a half year old as she is a little poorly, bless her cotton socks!
Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Idha Lindhag for Svenskt Tenn

Morning! If you spend too much time looking at interior design pictures like I do, you'll have definitely seen some of Swedish photographer Idha Lindhag's images. Here's a shoot she did for Svenskt Tenn, a famous interior shop in Stockholm founded in 1924. I love, love LOVE these pictures.

Idha Lindhag for Svenskt Tenn
Svenskt Tenn has a distinct style with a combination of 'Viennese elegance and Swedish functionalism'. The webshop is so worth checking out - if only for the 2356 brass ceiling channel the brass touches in this home above. Any other brass tips for 2012?