Thursday, December 6, 2012

Modern Hydromassage Bathtubs Sensitive Touch Screen

One such product is a new model of whirlpool baths – L’Alizee. You really can massage their own programs and get a moment of great fun in the hydromassage tub. However, as functional and high-tech vessel, L’Alizee is very expensive and you must have a large bathroom to find because of its size is 2.24 m XW l xh 1.05 m 0.84 m and a capacity of 280 liters. If you would like more information about both this whirlpool tub then you can find it on the Stas Doyer site.

This vessel is equipped with a good automated touch-sensitive screen, which allows to set all the settings and also display a variety of useful information. Hydromassage nozzles 180 provides perfect relaxation and thanks to their proper position to make a healthy massage from the six zones designed by Stas Doyer anatomi.yang major producers of different bathroom equipment, which can help you to also maintain the beauty and health.

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