Saturday, April 18, 2009

European Style Kitchen

OULIN European Style KitchenOulin Kitchen cabinets combine the decoration aesthetics, traditional culture, practicability, modern art and a unique European style.
European Style KitchenThe cool contemporary look of this kitchen is warmed by honed-granite countertops, wood accents, and a skylight. European laminate cabinets boast sleek profiles. The matte aluminum finish doesn't pick up the hues of surrounding elements, as stainless steel does.
European Style KitchenThe German company Nolte has created the Spot kitchen; a warm bold and confident kitchen with the convenience and function European kitchens are known for. The striking bright yellow doors are riveting. Inset with long horizontal rail handles, the Spot’s bright door expands the kitchen space. Notle have then paired their modern cabinets with a vibrant wood island. The wooden surface is assembled out of many pieces creating a mosaic of rich dark grains. Like many European kitchens the Spot features a range of space saving ergonomic drawers and cabinets, but the Spot takes its style even further. Inside the drawers you’ll find chrome rails, details such as these display Nolte’s commitment to design and quality. Nolte’s Spot kitchen design creates an electrifying vibrant kitchen of modern style.
European Style KitchenAran World is the Italian largest kitchen exporter. Nowadays, ARAN WORLD is present in more 118 countries around the world. Aran world is in present the US market since 12 years, and a reason why the product has found favor with the public is that ARAN WORLD combines the design and the manufacturing of the finest European kitchen producers with the adaptability of the kitchen cabinets to the sizes of the most common US electrical kitchen appliances.
In other words, remaining all the characteristics of a European frameless cabinet, ARAN WORLD offers a product suitable to satisfy American market's request. Whether your tastes are solid wood or laminate, lacquer or wood veneer, ARAN WORLD has just the kitchen cabinets design for you. Come and join us to discover a world of kitchen cabinets beauty and kitchen cabinets design.
European Style Kitchen
European Style KitchenA European kitchen for really living in… the Opera kitchen design is from Tomassi Cucine. Expanses of beautifully grained natural wood form the focus of this contemporary European kitchen. In the Opera kitchen a wonderfully curved island is combined with the strength of linear storage units and practical places for appliances. The technical skill of design and pure creativity at Tomassi Cucine become allies to serve the art of cooking. Curved containers open fully so that everything is within reach; noticeable, large handles complete the modern look. Discover the Opera kitchen’s hidden details for yourself – contact Tomassi Cucine.

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