Saturday, November 28, 2009

Modern Okitu house by Pete Bossley

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beach house

What a great way to enjoy the beauty of the ocean by always having a gorgeous view over it.
Return of the wallpaper decoration
Light against the dark wood
Smiles at nursery
Home Air Conditioning - Good or Bad
t-house 2, modern living room, interior design, living room interior design
modern interior design living room

Okitu house, designed by Pete Bossley and located near Tatapouri Point in New Zealand, offers just that – extensive views over The Pacific through the house’s glass walls.

t-house 3.modern architecture beach house pool
beach house with view modern architecture

The so-called T-house got its name from its plan – a T-shaped single storey structure with two wings, perfect for the whole family to live in.

t-house 4, modern beach house garden back yard
back yard solution

Designed this way, the house does not only look cool, but also protects from ocean winds its outdoor spaces, which charm with the small level differences between them.

t-house 5 living room interior design view to the sea
living room with view to the sea with telecope

t-house 6 dining room interio design
modern kitchen design

t-house 7 dining room interior design
contemporary kitchen interior design

t-house 8 beach house facade

t-house 9 view from the back beach house, sea , beach
view with the sea on day light modern architecture

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