Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kitchen Decoration

Accent Lighting

After you're done with general lighting and task lighting, the last thing to work on is accent lighting. Some kitchens have space above the cabinets. By providing lighting on top of the cabinets, such kitchens can look simply brilliant. Tray ceilings with crown molding can also be helped very much from this type of lighting. To make your kitchen look extraordinary, you can use either a low voltage type track or rope light. So, following the right kitchen lighting plan, you can make your dream kitchen in next to no time.

Like any other room of your home, your kitchen too, requires a nice well-thought-out lighting plan. Nowadays kitchens are not just restricted to cooking meals, but also have many more functions. For many people, it is the most frequently used place in the house. Apart from the preparation of meals, kitchens, at present, also make a place for the kids to do homework, parents to assess the bills, reading, eating, and watching TV. Given all these reasons, it is essential to have adequate as well as flexible kitchen lighting.

General Lighting

While devising a lighting plan for kitchen, the first thing that comes to mind is general lighting i.e. the light that'll be used more often than not. If it's a small kitchen, just one light in the center will provide the general light. Since most of kitchens are larger these days, perhaps a single light fixture in the center will not meet the lighting needs. So, the best solution is to go for recessed lighting as it is an excellent way to provide general lighting in a kitchen in a neat and clean manner.

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