Sunday, July 24, 2011

Room Gallery Summer Exhibition Architect in London

This Room Gallery Summer Exhibition Architect is completed with artistic interiors. The spaces are ordered by four segments of oval plinths for models allowing generous circulation through and around them and for viewing wall works. The space of this room is very wide and it is suitable for any size of furniture. the doors of this room are designed with the concept of cultural. Other works in the exhibition are also arranged to emphasize these sort resonances as well as typologies. The floor of this room is very natural and it has natural color.

circulation design

It is made of wood that has been changed into soft and clean wood. two axes divide the space into four quadrants, which separate the works into various themes represented in the works sent in. to make the room artistic, all the wall is put some pictures and drawings. The lamps of this room are very bright and colorful so that the displays can be seen clearly.

summer exhibition

modern furniture

Architect design

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