Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Christmas!

I hope everyone who celebrates has a very Happy Christmas! I shared my little holiday decorating last year HERE and thought I would share some of my little updates with you.I have 2 'trees' -both artificial - in my tiny apartment. The above is ceramic and is one of my prized possessions as it belonged to my grandma. My main tree, above, is a tabletop size and holds my collection of 'fun' nostalgic ornaments.

Gold edged red ribbon wraps the tree with white lights. You can see my recycled tree skirt (from a halloween costume) - gold lame - wowza!
I've talked about these church ornaments earlier HERE and I've received a few more!The country church is a pretty blue with a red door and a little tree outside. All of these churches plug into your light string and have 'stained glass'. The colonial church has arched 'gothic' windows & doors and some great white tracery details.The adobe church has that southwestern feel. Only 8 more churches to collected (although one is currently in the mail!)
The peanuts gang sits at the base of my own sad little 'snoopy' tree!
Happy Holidays everyone!

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