Thursday, August 25, 2011

Best Lifestyle Ceiling Wall Design

Lending it both a modern yet magical elegance ceiling is about lifestyle, ceiling is always stare by your guest, the best architect designed an series of concentric arcs in the ceiling.

Abstract Ceiling
Rooms Design Ideas

Three slots were laser cut within the disc, two to house linear fluorescent lights and one for a low energy consumption fluorescent bulb. This pattern of circular discs on the ceiling created an arbitrary appearance of lights in a very organized grid.

Mural Ceiling
Wave-like Ceiling

This floor to ceiling design is in the foyer of a sunny san francisco home. murals are always such a cool way to customize a space and finding inspiration in textiles is great way to bring patterns to life at home.

Wave-like Ceiling
 Bar Interior Design

Interior of Al-Muntaha, the top floor restaurant in Burj al-Arab hotel, featuring wave-like ceiling design.

Britains First Led Ceiling
best lifestyle

Future Group Lighting Design were asked to design an airy light public space replacing twelve smaller centres allowing a single point of call for those contacting the local council. The architect designed an series of concentric arcs in the ceiling. The detail of the section was small, precluding the use of conventional light sources, so a new way of lighting was needed.

Stockholm Bar Ceiling
Interior Decorating

The ceiling is jam packed with endless mirror bubbles, lending it both a modern yet magical elegance. Feels like huge goblets of dew magically collected and ready to splash me at any moment with there silver radiance.

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