Thursday, August 25, 2011

Decorating Bookcase Unique Design

you can design your bookcase by some collection of unique bookcase that I Collect as inspiration for you. Everyone I’m sure will fall in love with books and develop a reading habit early.If you could have a space specifically to keep your favorite books which can be picked up easily when you are in a mood to read.

Cloud Bookcase
Unique Bookcase

The Cloud Bookcase provides neat little circular compartments to store the books, or other items.If you are like to be a little more unique or nonconformist about how you store your books you can check out the modular Cloud Bookcase. The design might appear a little bit unusual, compared to a traditional bookcase, but remember you wanted something unique.

The Quad Bookcase
sensible design

Multi-sized shelves store your book all in one great bookcase. Here’s a stunning design for a bookcase: the Quad by Nauris Kalinauskas. For even more storage space, separate units can be joined together.

Gravity Bookcase
 Home Interior Design

this piece of furniture is beautiful too, like sculpture, so you wouldn’t want to hide it behind other furniture.The Gravity Powered Bookshelf by designer Leo Kempf solves the problem of books falling over on shelves without a bookend. Besides being a really sensible design.

Curvy Bookcase
House Decorating

The internal parts are solid wood boards, the front and back are plywood shapes he cut out with a jigsaw. If you’re interested in having one like it, contact him, here is Noah Link(Noah Balmer). This is a bookcase is built by Noah Balmer. He wanted an organic shape and slanty shelves (no bookends needed) and this is what he came up with.

Carlton Bookcase
Decorating Design

This piece was designed by Ettore Sottsass in the 1980s. This multicolored bookcase is made of pattern laminate. You will find this piece interesting, especially when you look at the two small drawers at the bottom. The two drawers and top look like a children’s dresser in its own right.

Tree Bookcase
interior design

You could slip in the books you want your kids to read on the different branches of the tree, so that they will not have to search for their favorite titles. Kids will love this as they don’t have to go through the torture of stacking up the books neatly in boring geometrical shaped bookcases and you will love this as you watch your kids become organized without your help.You can found Albero della Cuccagna, a bookcase for children designed like a tree by Matteo Casarosa, an Italian designer appealing.

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