Friday, April 27, 2012

Design Sleek Toilet hi-tech by Roca

With over 90 years of experience ( including toilets ), Roca, the specialists in bathroom space is always looking ahead as a new toilet they clearly illustrate the slim. Avant Lumen Not only great for a modern look with a sleek design, but also a unique bathing experience where comfort, style and technology come together in full force. To learn more about how to improve aesthetic Lumen your bathroom experience at almost all levels, visit the Roca.

 Modern Toilets

They call it the toilet which is basically promoting the health of intimate hygiene because the toilet and bidet in one. It has many additional functions such as washing and drying, soft close lid and heated seat, self cleaning, energy saving automatic flushing and an LED screens and control panels to control all functions of the toilet as well as room temperature and ambient music. And that’s just naming a few.

 Bathroom Designs


Sleek Toilet

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