Friday, April 27, 2012

Modern Lifestyles Bookcase Design

The bookworms, people will always come to a point where they need proper storage spaces for books, magazines and journals.Bookcase is a part of interior design and a part of modern lifestyles.

Bed With Bookcase
Bookcase Design
Point Architects from Tokyo have successfully managed to combine a bed with a bookcase.

Bookcase Sofa
Modern Bookcase
Here’s a great practical sofa for impratical people. Wow, take a look at this beautiful multi-functional Bookcase Sofa, Flexform Oltre sofa! If you are multi-tasking persons, watching TV, reading books, and using the laptop on the sofa, it’s the best choice for you.

Ron Arad Bookshelf
Bookcase Unique
The Trusted Design master Ron Arad is always come up with something unique. His new bookshelf has been inspired by the map of the United States and we must say, it looks absolutely gorgeous. You can catch it at the Timothy Taylor Gallery in London.

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