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50 Ideas for modern barthroom

bathroom ideas

1. Choose a bold color such as this tomato red to brighten up a space. Or simply keep the wall a lighter or neutral shade, and choose bold accent pieces.

2. Add a fabric-covered or built-in valance above the tub to accentuate your shower curtain.

3. Wall sconces provide task lighting and serve as decorative focal points.

Bathroom Vanities
Bathroom Vanities

4. In lieu of window treatments, a glass block window provides both light and privacy.

5. Surprise friends and family with guest's towels monogrammed with decorative touches.

6. If you don't have closet space in your bath, consider an open storage unit for all your toiletries.

7. A built-in laundry hamper is a great feature to include in a bath. It works to keep the room


Bathroom Furniture

Modern Bathroom Vanities

8. To give the floor a custom look, add a border of contrasting tiles.

9. Glass-front cabinets have a lighter look than solid ones. Frosted glass hides the contents.

10. Carve a storage niche from a wall near the tub. By adding shelves between the wall studs, you can utilize additional space that would have been wasted otherwise.

Modern Bathroom Designs


11. Hang a mirror above the tub. It will create an optical illusion to make a tight area feel more spacious.

12. Leave the cabinet doors off the vanity to store towels and make a design statement.

13. Hinge a mirror on your wall as a stylish replacement for a cheap-looking medicine cabinet.

bedroom interior

14. Stagger the joints for your wall tile. The alternating grout joints will help make even the most inexpensive tile look like a million bucks.

15. Incorporate a decorative mirror that will lend some style to the room. A metal medicine cabinet can make the room seem even smaller.

16. Choose a pocket door instead of a hinged one. A conventional swinging door will encroach too much into an already tight space.

Bathroom cabinets


17. In lieu of cabinet doors, skirt your vanity.

18. Create recesses between the studs in the walls for more storage next to the vanity or in the shower. You'd be amazed at how much storage a simple 16-inch cubbyhole can offer.

19. Decorate with lighter colors to create a larger feel.

20. If you lack storage space, but can't afford custom built-ins, then consider bringing in a piece of furniture, such as a chest of drawers or armoire. Furniture adds instant character and is a nice contrast to sleek bath surfaces.

Contemporary Bathroom furniture from Italy, showers cabinets

Contemporary and modern bathroom furniture from Italy Contemporary Bathroom furniture from Italy, showers cabinets

21. Small medicine cabinets offer little storage or style. An oversize mirror gives a bath more pizzazz and can double as a makeup or shaving mirror.

22. If you dislike the tile color in your bath, you can minimize its prominence by focusing on a complementary color for your walls, shower curtain, and accessories.

23. A tangle of wisteria vines outside the bathroom window affords privacy in winter and summer, so soft sheer curtains are the only necessary window treatment.

24. Monogram a hand towel with your child's name, and purchase fun soaps to encourage hand washing.

25. Chrome-accented accessories--such as the soap dish, toothbrush holder, and apothecary jars--provide a sleek look.

26. Read the manufacturer's instructions before you purchase any supplies. Doing this will give you a better understanding of theproject.

27. Be flexible when you hit a snag. It's a fact that when you're updating an older home, you will come up against some roadblocks that aren't covered in the instructions.

28. When working as partners, make sure both individuals have a full understanding of the desired outcome. Otherwise, you may work against each other or toward two different goals.

Bathroom Vanities Collection

29. Don't be intimidated by materials you've never used before. Read books and magazines that cover the topic. Do all your homework up front, and you'll increase your chances of success.

30. Place chairs or settees, typically found in a living room, in the bath for a surprising and unique look.

31. Stand a decorative mirror in front of or propped against a vanity mirror to create a little drama and elegance.

32. Use full-length window treatments in a complementary fabric to dress up and add warmth to a large bath.

33. Frame stock mirrors with simple molding from a home-improvement store. Paint it to match the other trim in the room.

34. Use sconces paired with recessed lights; this is cheaper than more elaborate light fixtures.

35. To dress up white cabinets, use inexpensive glass pulls in a color that coordinates with the bath. Discount Bathroom Vanities

36. Paint walls a flat white if you want to add wallpaper some day but can't find one that you like. The white will go with almost any decor, and it will not require repainting when you're ready to paper, because it acts as a great base.

37. To save money, purchase expensive-looking bath hardware at a discount, and install it yourself.

38. Focusing on one special feature, such as an interesting tile or wallpaper, can instantly add personality. To keep that feature prominent, make sure the rest of the room is subtle.

39. A theme or design direction, such as Southwestern style, can bring a room to life. However, it is important to exercise a little restraint so you won't get tired of it.

40. Hiding the shower and water closet behind doors gives a bath a more streamlined look.

41. Look to your home's surroundings for color ideas. Located near Savannah, this house takes it cues for a yellow, green, and aqua color palette from the surrounding lush Lowcountry landscape. Touches of salmon add warmth.

42. Balance a bath's hard, unyielding glass, metal, and marble surfaces with as many elements of comfort as you can. Include a cozy armchair, adjustable lighting, and flowering plants.

43. It's a good idea to include separate vanities if you will share a bath.

44. Instead of blinds, this couple added leaded-glass windows as a privacy feature. They also serve as a decorative element.

45. When designing a master suite, create complementary spaces. Decor and architectural details can ensure that one room flows into the next.

46. Use handsome baskets and containers to hold bath salts, sponges, and other essentials beside the tub.

47. Gather ample panels of sheer fabric on decorative drapery rods to give privacy while preserving natural light.

48. Place a folded coverlet or duvet at the end of the bed to add fabric interest. Coordinate it with other bed linens.

49. Create a seating nook by placing a small sofa, love seat, or chair beneath a bedroom window.

50. Make a small space shine by decorating around a particular theme; this works especially well in a child's bath. Look for inspiration in fabrics, favorite vacation spots, hobbies, and collections. It is important to consider the room's primary users.

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