Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rustic Home Decoration - ideas and tips

Rustic home decor brings to mind the perfect ambience of the deep woods, the log huts and the peaceful mountain retreats. But is it always possible to be surrounded in this serene delight? Well the answer is Absolutely!!Rustic Home Decoration

In the section of rustic home decorations we bring together ideas and tips to bring the rustic appeal of the outdoors within your home. With a bit of rustic interior decorations one can get the perfect log hut effect.

The idea behind the modern rustic home decor is to get comfort and style blend in together. So now you can eagerly look forward to bring home the wonderful holiday experience of the deep forests all complete with all the modern and daily life amenities and comfort. Just read along these great tips and ideas and decorate your home in a rustic theme.

Color and Textures for Rustic Decorations
Rustic decorating style is one such decor style where the color and texture more or less remain on the same lines. It is better to go for neutral, natural and earth tones. Select something that is in the nature colors. When selecting textures use wood that is not finely planed. Add some unpolished granite with plank floors for that rough and natural look. An exposed rock in plastered walls is quite a common theme when going for rustic home decor and looks very impressive too.

One of the best things of the rustic decor theme is that the things that go into making it are easily available and are inexpensive too. For example you can use stone to make a room-dividing wall. To complete the look, add some timber beams across the room ceiling. For accessories go for the different animal hides, rag rugs and rough woolens to complete the feel.
Rustic Home Decoration


When selecting furniture for your rustic home decorations go for the ones made out of logs, planks and knotted wood to create a strong wood effect. The best place to find the stuff is the flea market or even the garage sales. Avoid those intricate woodcarvings and designs. Instead select pieces that have a natural look with worn out finishing.

For your bedroom, select from the pole log beds and sofas. Rocking chairs and sliced tree trunk coffee tables with driftwood lamps can make your balcony a cozy setup for a romantic time together. All that the people think as completely waste has a place in rustic interior decorations, so let your imagination run wild.
Rustic Home Decoration modern
Dining area is one place where lot of experimenting can be done in rustic home decoration. You can go for a long plank table complemented by wooden armchairs to complete the look. Even circular wooden table is great if you have a limited space. Select a round or oval rag rug to
Rustic Home Decoration
warm up the ambience.

Rustic Home Accessories

This is one more area where there is plenty of scope to experiment. Select some patchwork quilts and get cuddly with your partner. An old style mirror and some nature paintings and pictures go perfectly for the wall accessories. How about using water cans and buckets for flower arrangements? Once you get started there’s no stopping you.
rustic wall accessories

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