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Design Styles - Home Improvements Ideas

We would like to walk you through the following brief descriptions of the most popular interior design styles meant to give you an understanding and edge in choosing the look you would like your home to have.


MODERN design home improvement

Modernist designs are known for their purist sensibilities including clean lines, spaciousness, and efficiency. It is a very popular style in Europe and North American condo living due to the spaciousness that it emphasizes. There is the absence of moldings and corbels, yet presence of very subtle textures, and nothing that creates a busy look.

Modernist designs

Style is reflected through technological materials such as stainless steel, glass, plastic, smooth wood veneers and other sleek materials. High-gloss lacquer finishes, exotic wood veneers, and stainless steel accents create a high-tech look.
white modern kitchen interior designs and stylish homes

white modern Contemporary.jpg
Contemporary is of the moment. It is whatever’s different and what works for today. It’s uncluttered. Contemporary designs have some of the high-tech look and functionality of a modern design, but are not purist in style and design. One of the hallmarks of good contemporary design is its compatibility. In other words, pieces from different periods are combined to create a richer, more interesting look in a room.

Contemporary Double luxury house

In a contemporary space, it...s common to find a juxtaposition of styles such as an antique rug or historic wood table used with an ultra-modern sofa in a streamlined and technologically advanced space. All it takes is the confidence to play a little, and a new way of looking at things.

contemporary-kitchen-design-Linda Applewhite Images


Ornamental elements such as moldings and posts are commonly used in a traditional design to reflect timeless elegance and sophistication. The classical style is represented by crown moldings, light valences, raised panel doors, columns with ornaments, hardwood flooring, and rich materials such as tumbled

COUNTRY living room
country interior
The country style is a casual version of the traditional style. Materials that are hand made or

stylish country interior

have a hand made look are preferred and have more variation. Worn and weathered items are celebrated and remove formality for a space. Itâ..s all about comfort.

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