Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inamo Restaurant Bar Interior Architects Design by Blacksheep

Inamo Restaurant and Bar designed by Blacksheep Interior Architects and Design in Goswell Road London. Inamo Restaurant and Bar available in 134-136 Wardour Street, Soho, London,UK is a pioneering Oriental fusion restaurant and bar where the control of the dining experience is placed firmly in your hands.

From Blacksheep - the designer :
Inamo, a whole new concept in west end dining, opens this month in the heart of London’s Soho, with menus projected onto tabletops, allowing diners to order food and beverages interactively, to change the ambiance of their individual table, to play games and even to order up local information and services, such as booking a cab.

Restaurant Bar Design-01
Inamo Restaurant and Bar Interior Architects Design 01

The restaurant and downstairs bar is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Danny Potter and Noel Hunwick and will offer customers high-quality Asian fusion cuisine, under the guidance of leading Head Chef Anthony Sousa Tam, who comes to Inamo from superstar restaurants Atami, Chino Latinos, Nobu, Hakkasan and Ubon.
Restaurant Bar Design-02
Inamo Restaurant Bar Interior Architects Design 02

Customers approach the restaurant via a brand new jet black timber facade, in keeping with the existing architecture. To protect interior light levels, the glazed restaurant windows have a graphic vinyl applied featuring solid and translucent star patterns (designed by Blacksheep), creating a strong graphic statement as well as protecting interior light levels. The vinyl graphic nonetheless allows tantalising glimpses of the interior and of the Blacksheep-designed ‘cocoons’ which house the projectors, computers and frames and which sit above each table.
Restaurant Bar Design-03
Inamo Restaurant Bar Interior Architects Design 03

Interior Design Restaurant Bar-04
Inamo Restaurant Bar Interior Architects Design 04

Interior Design Restaurant Bar-05
Inamo Restaurant Bar Interior Architects Design 05

Interior Design Restaurant Bar-06
Inamo Restaurant Bar Interior Architects Design 06

Interior Design Restaurant Bar-07

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