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Trend architecture 2009 Glass house interior design

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Beforehand, the place that had the construction of the building have material limited glasses to office buildings and the skyscraper building. Trend used glasses has dropped by at the world of property of the house remained. Currently, glasses became the structure of the core and the element of the design for many houses remained. The use of glasses, from the aspect of information, very useful because of helping delivered the direct light of the sun rays into the house. Glasses could make the house be seen wider than original him. The house remained that used glasses to most of his buildings brought natural flow from outside inside, so as to give nuances of peacefulness as well as the clarity

The use of glasses as the building materials was not as expensive if you used the concrete as the main wall of the house. Glasses could in-recycle. Apart from cheap, also very environment-friendly. The increase in the use of glasses as the construction base of the house together with in line with the increase in the production and the glasses technology personally. Initially the person hesitant to use glasses as the construction base of the house building because of seeming the danger broke. However, together with the increase in the sophistication of technology, glasses in the modern time like at this time could be made stronger, safer, and efficient for energy. Previously glasses in housing only were limited by window glasses, as the place outside-entered air and the light.


Now his use is made function as the element of interior architecture also the exterior. Glasses as the element of exterior architecture in part were applied in the face part of a building, the roof, sky walks, the entrance, the door proceeded, the canopy, winter the curtain, and glass house the cultivation of the crop. All that enabled the sun rays to be able to enter generously. The appearance of the exterior then was still being seen more unique. Now for the interior, glasses were used to the ladder of the house, the proceeding path, as well as the wall.

Often that happened in greenhouse architecture was the effect was inside out, like hot in the cold and cold season in the hot season. The profit has had the progress in the production industry of glasses that also gave benefit to us. Some for example to be glasses with the selective quality of the spectrum that channeled the light into the house without endangering or giving the loss to occupants of this house as well as the other whole household
modern homes modern houseGreat modern livingroom

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