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Ethno style - Luxury Interiors

East ethno style combines Japanese, Chinese and Indian, but preponderance is Japanese. Primary, which features Japanese. The motto at least things - maximum comfort. This environment creates style is ethno minimal in furniture and accessories prerequisites for achieving the perfect harmony between the inner and outer peace. This style requires large open spaces, with the only - the design elements and, of course, picturesque landscape around. Except in large provincial house with a garden or veranda, this style can be implemented in urban conditions.

Home in this style often not static walls and is divided into functional areas through mobile barriers, screens or curtains of paper or cloth. Need to be transmitted and functionality of the furniture. Rarity standards are tables, chairs and beds. Were replaced with tiny tables, sofas and low mat.
Furniture and decorations in this house must be of natural materials - wood, textiles, wicker, bamboo and others. Accessories reflect the traditional characters - characters and floral patterns.

brown bedroom

African style subject of wild passions. He is bright and aggressive. Its main manifestation is in the choice of colors - bright colors - Terra elevation, fire red, black. Respected and there are natural materials, but those who are more energy and originality - sandalovo darvom ivory, animal horns, etc. Bedroom Bedroom


Accessories here are bright and unique - masks, shamanski amulets, statues of deities, wooden sandacheta, traditional musical instruments, pottery, articles or krokodilska wake fur and feathers from exotic birds.
interior-web-cushions luxury-accessory.jpg
Moreover wooden furniture, African ethnic style is complemented with cast iron beds, crocheted seats and tables, curtains of palm leaves, etc. Establishing the typical atmosphere help primitive drawings in black and red.
Ethno style - Luxury Interiors
Skandinavskiyat interior style combines high - uneven achievements in the comfort of the North race. The interior is scanty - bleached wood floor, walls in priglusheni tones, rough wooden furniture.
Ethno style - Luxury Interiors skorpilova3.jpg
For the warmth of this style typical textile contributes to calm raztsvetki with bright floral motifs everywhere - from cases of chairs in the dining room, in bed linen, home to slippers. Here are the colors: blue, green and white in all combinations. When furniture is appreciated deluge, soft forms that create a feeling of softness and serenity in every detail. As a rule, accessories are hardly visible.

Would You Like to Live in House like that? Ethno style - Luxury Interiors

Ethno style - Luxury Interiors LV04_hs1VillaVistaDining_b.jpg
Ethno style - Luxury Interiors airplane interior

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